The Journal of Chameleonology and Chameleonoculture

The chameleons are very unique creatures that attract human attention for millennia. They are a focus of many scientific studies as well as subject of captive husbandry.

Both fields deliver unique observations that need to be published and made available for the scientific as well as amateur public.

The aim of this journal is to serve a platform for authors to share their original findings to raise the importance of Chameleonology as a science and Chameleoculture as a field of Herpetoculture.

AJOCC considers large as well as short papers on all aspects of chameleon existence and especially encourages publication of short communications on original observations. It is open to authors from wide spectrum, from scientists to amateur enthusiasts. As a unique aid, it offers a publication help service in case of inexperienced authors with unique evidence worth publishing. 

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